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Pagaruyung Kingdom

Pagaruyung Kingdom is a Malay kingdom that once stood, now covers the provinces of West Sumatra and surrounding areas.

The royal names referenced from existing Tambo in Minangkabau society, which is the name of a village named Pagaruyung, and can also be referenced from the

inscriptions stamped Sultan Tangkal Alam Bagagar from Pagaruyung, namely the beraksara Jawi writing in a circle inside which reads as follows: Sultan Tangkal Alam Bagagar ibnu Sultan Khalīfatullāh having domestic throne Pagaruyung Darul qarar Johan Sovereign Zillullāh fil Alam. This kingdom collapsed during the Padri War, after the signing of the agreement between Indigenous People with the Dutch who make the area under surveillance Pagaruyung Kingdom Netherlands.

Carocok Beach

Carocok beach is situated to the west of the city Painan, located approximately 2 km from the Market Painan.

This beach is very famous in West Sumatra Indonesia Nor, according to some people, it is no less Carocok Beach Beach Kra Peninsula in Malaysia or Sanur Beach in Bali.

In the area of Beach Attractions Carocok this Painan There is also a Rock Island which is connected with the tip of Pulau Batu Bukit Langkisau.Yaitu Kareta. Formerly Kareta Stone Island can be achieved only when the sea At low tide, but since the construction of the Bridge by The South Shore district government Kareta Stone Island can be reached at any time because already integrated with the bridge.

Langkisau Hill

West Sumatra has immense natural exoticism of course not to be missed. One of the must-visit when you travel to West Sumatra is Langkisau hill, which is a small hill located between the City and State Painan Salido. Located in the South Coastal District, West Sumatra.

To get to this location, you will journey adrenaline, what does not, along the way we will go through the winding down the hill, and mountain-climbs that make guts shriveled. However, throughout the course of our eyes pampered with incredible scenery beautiful. As far as the eye can see we will be treated to the shade of the trees on the left and right side of the road. Occasional sea views sneak shy of between hedge trees.

Harau Valley

Harau Valley is a canyon near the town Payakumbuh Fifty Koto district, West Sumatra province. Harau valley flanked

by steep rocky hill with a height of 150 meters. Harau Valley have steep sandstone colorful, with a height of 100 to 500 meters. Topography Nature Reserve Harau is hilly and undulating.

Height from sea level is 500 to 850 meters, the hill include White Water Hill, Bukit Jambu, Mount Batur and Mount Tarantang. Walk towards the Valley Harau very pleasant. With the fresh air, you can see the beauty of the natural surroundings. Granite cliffs towering with a unique shape surrounding the valley. Granite cliffs are steep has a height of 80 m to 300 m. From the start when entering

Curved 9

Curved 9 or Curved Nine is a winding road that is located about 30 miles east of Payakumbuh, West Sumatra to the Riau Province. The road runs along the 300

meters at the AIE Jorong Putiah, Nagari Sarilamak, District Harau, District Fifty City, West Sumatra and is part of the Central Cross-roads connecting Sumatra

and East Coast of Sumatra.This road has a sharp bend around 5 meters wide, bordered by ravines, and flanked by two hills in between two nature reserves: White Water Nature Reserve and Nature Reserve Harau. Curved Road 9 around this time has built an overpass along the 2.5 km. This bridge spans snaking down the steep hill with two wall height varies concrete pillars reach 58 meters.

Maninjau Lake

Maninjau Lake is a lake in the district of Tanjung Raya, Agam, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The lake is located about 140 kilometers north of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra, 36 kilometers from Bukittinggi, 27 kilometers from Lubuk cone, Agam regency capital.

The lake is listed as the eleventh largest lake in Indonesia. While in West Sumatra, Maninjau is the second largest lake after Lake Batur which has an area of 129.69 km² of which are in two districts of Tanah Datar and Solok. In the vicinity of Lake Maninjau are tourist facilities, such as hotels (Maninjau Indah Hotel, Pasir Panjang Permai) as well as lodging and restaurant.



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